Local Services


In order to reverse the trend of cuts to local services we will immediately:

1. Halt the closure of public toilets across the conurbation and ensure that all such facilities are maintained to the highest possible standards.

2. Protect public libraries and learning spaces from future closures and ensure that they become hubs of local community cultural and learning activity.

3. Conduct an urgent review to ensure that sufficient support is being given to adult social care and children’s services. We will work closely with service providers from all sectors, (including the NHS, local charities and private care providers) to ensure that these services are able to meet current demand and are prepared for future increases. We will also seek to engage with the unpaid army of carers who have given up employment to work with sick and elderly relatives.

4. Carry out an audit of our parks and open spaces, all council-run leisure facilities and community centres to ensure that they are meeting the needs of local residents whilst also being run efficiently, effectively and in a manner that is fully accountable to local communities.

5. Work in partnership with BH Live, Poole Lighthouse, our universities, various BID projects and other local bodies to protect and enhance the cultural and economic life of the conurbation. This may include projects to redevelop such sites as the former Odeon Cinema in Bournemouth as a new performance and exhibition space.

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