Over the last year it’s become clearer than ever that we live in a place with an incredibly active and caring community. We’ve been very pleased to see people pull together to help others get through a difficult time. We know every resident has done their bit and made sacrifices - so thank you!

We, the local Lib Dems, have been busier than ever trying to make sure people get the support they need and working with the Council to make sure it helps all its residents.

With the vaccine rollout, it's important to us that we know what residents want to see as we begin to return to 'normal'. That's why we're asking for your opinions on what the next step of recovery from Coronavirus should look like for our community.

As Liberal Democrats we have our own ideas too, we’d like a green recovery with better parks, paths, clean air and a focus on stopping climate change; we need to focus on care homes more than ever, older residents must get the respect they deserve; we need to get people working again so that local businesses can survive; and we need to support both our young people and all those that find themselves suddenly out of work, to find meaningful training or employment as soon as possible.

Please take 5 minutes to fill in the survey - thank you!