BRANKSOME WEST: Ashley Road Improvements - Update

After many months, the Ashley Road improvement works are finished.

At last we can see the benefits we were promised and that local people had asked for:

* Better parking

* More space at bus stops to keep the carriageway clear

* An extra crossing point

* Trees and planters 

And, thanks to pressure from Lib Dem councillors:

* Longer pedestrian phase at Churchill Road junction to allow diagonal crossing


“Residents and traders have had to put up with a lot of disruption for a long time. I hope they will feel that it was worth it. I'm already hearing that more people are shopping in Ashley Road,” says Marion Le Poidevin.

Also, in a first for Ashley Road, one of the first rapid electric vehicle charging points in Poole is being installed near Lloyd's Bank. Cars can be charged in about 40 minutes, just time to get a cup of coffee or do some shopping.

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