Our Area Shamed in the National Press

“Negligent waste of money” The Metro  “Lazy” The Sun  “Filthy” The Express

The decision by the Conservative-led council to spend over £100,000 on beach barbecues has been slammed in the national press. The scheme has been challenged by local people from the start; our local Lib Dem councillors have argued that such a large sum of money could be better invested elsewhere. 

“Negligent waste of money” The Metro

“Lazy” The Sun

“Filthy” The Express


Local people are furious that their council tax is being wasted in this way, with social media lit up as the area becomes a laughingstock.

“£10k for a BBQ. They’ve been mugged off, mine was £40 from Argos!” Comment on The Metro

“Disgusting sham, organised by public sector twerps who couldn’t organise a communal BBQ on the beach.” Comment on The Express

There are enormous pressures on social care, education and we are yet to see any real action following the declaration of a climate emergency.  There are so many more important things that this taxpayers money could have been invested in. What a shameful waste!

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