BCP 3rd highest council area in UK for "struggling to afford food"


A staggering 24% of BCP residents worry about the cost of food. The rising cost of living is a crisis that affects so many people across the UK and South West.  BCP has been ranked the UK's 3rd highest council area for those struggling to afford food shopping. This is the result of the pandemic and a lack of government and council support for those hardest hit.

In fact, the only action Conservative Chair for the Health and Wellbeing Board at BCP Council could point to was the recruiting of a fully funded Food Coordinator - measures taken by the previous Lib Dem led administration back in 2019! It is time for Conservatives, both nationally and locally, to listen to the public and wake up to this impending crisis as Brexit shortages and the pandemic push up prices whilst wages go nowhere. Instead, the government still plans to strip the £20 a week uplift from people claiming Universal Credit whilst in low paid work!

Poole already has one of the largest and most well supported foodbanks in the country, but they cannot be expected to fill every gap created by the failure to listen and inaction of the Conservative government and Conservative-led council. BCP residents deserve better.

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