Our Team

Brian Clements

Brian was the leader of Poole Council and a Newtown ward councillor. He is retired but still very much involved in politics and the local party.



Richard Douglas

Richard worked in counterterrorism in the UK and overseas, and earned operations medals working in Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2017, he made the decision to retrain as a primary school teacher with Teach First, a charity focused on ending the inequality in education.


Millie Earl

Millie has a lot of experience working on political campaigns having been constituency organiser for the Mid-Dorset & North Poole Liberal Democrats during the 2015 and 2017 general elections. She currently works in marketing and is an ambassador for Win On Waste, a local community recycling project.


Grant Gillingham

Grant graduated from university with a diploma in American History and has since worked in a variety of industries from education to sales. He is currently studying for a degree in history and hopes to go on to train as a primary school teacher.


Marion Le Poidevin

Marion has been ward councillor for Branksome West since 2011 and has been involved in a number of campaigns, such as preventing the construction of a football stadium on Branksome Rec. She is a former teacher and still teaches English as a foreign language during the summer holidays.


Mike Plummer

Mike was a local councillor for 14 years before he had to stand down due to the pressure of work commitments. He has lived in Poole for over 30 years, teaching business and management on undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. He has also been a trustee of two local charities and a governor of several local schools.


Mark Robson

Mark served 26 years in the military working in a variety of operational theatres both in the UK and overseas. In 2016, he retired from the military and made the decision to retrain as a driving instructor.