Introducing the Lib Dem candidates for Newtown & Heatherlands

The Poole Liberal Democrats have announced their candidates for the local elections in May. Standing in Newtown & Heatherlands will be Millie Earl, Marion Le Poidevin and Mark Robson.

Millie Earl has a history of campaigning on local issues, a passion for protecting the environment and a commitment to the local community. She has campaigned on a number of local issues including protecting Poole from fracking. Millie currently works in marketing and is a volunteer for Win on Waste, a local community recycling project.

Marion Le Poidevin has been a dedicated ward councillor for Branksome West for eight years and her record of achievement is proof that she works hard for local residents. She has campaigned on local issues such as protecting local services and opposing the downgrading of Poole A&E. Marion is a former teacher and continues to teach English as a foreign language during the summer holidays.

Mark Robson served 26 years in the military working in a variety of operational theatres both in the UK and overseas. In 2016, he retired from the military and made the decision to retrain as a driving instructor in Poole where he is at the heart of local community projects such as organising litter picks.


Our team have been working hard for Newtown & Heatherlands all year round by:

  • fighting against the closure of Poole’s A&E and maternity units by supporting a motion that urged the council to review the closure of Poole A&E based on the harm it will cause for residents

  • opposing the hiking of car park charges by the Conservatives which has negatively impacted local business owners

  • working with the residents of Recreation Road and Playfields Drive and presenting a petition to improve safety and enforce the 20mph speed limit

  • campaigning against the proposed draconian treatment of rough sleepers in Poole High Street and ensuring they will not be moved on

  • getting noisy manhole covers, which had been disrupting residents across Newtown & Heatherlands, repaired by Wessex Water

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