2017 General Election

2017 is the most important general election in recent history. The government you elect in this election will be responsible for negotiating Brexit.

Your choice is clear:


  • You can vote for the Conservatives who will negotiate a reckless hard Brexit that will see us leave the single market.
  • You can vote for Labour who will be too busy infighting to negotiate a Brexit deal.




  • You can vote for the Liberal Democrats who will guarantee that Britain will remain a member of the Single Market at the very minimum which has a huge impact on jobs, security and the opportunity to travel and live abroad.


The choice is clear between a reckless Conservative future, a disorganised Labour future or a SENSIBLE Liberal Democrat future.


In Poole, the Liberal Democrats have announced Mike Plummer as your European champion. Mike has lived in Poole for 30 years and voted to remain in the EU. He was a beloved Newtown councillor for 14 years and really cares about the local area.


What will Mike do for YOU?


  • Mike will fight AGAINST the closure of Poole Hospital's A&E which would see the dangerous relocation of Poole’s closest A&E to Bournemouth.
  • Mike will fight AGAINST the continued closure of public toilets due to the reckless cuts by the Conservative-dominated local council.
  • Mike will fight AGAINST the cuts against schools in Dorset as he did as a councillor when he prevented the closure of Sylvan First School and marched 120 miles to Westminster to deliver a petition to the Education Secretary that resulted in an injection of millions of pounds into Dorset schools.


Mike will fight for YOU and Poole if elected to Parliament, unlike the incumbent Conservative MP: the Missing Person!


When you go to vote on June 8 vote for a party that will prevent a reckless Hard Brexit and vote for a Member of Parliament and NOT a Missing Person.

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